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Underrated digital strategies

Social Drive TestimonialsWe recently came across a great article about the most underrated digital strategies and we wanted to share it with you guys! It hits upon the different big name companies out there that are utilizing email marketing and other highly devalued channels in the world of online marketing.

It’s a 2 minute read, so go for it!


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Technology and Advertising

The French, Generators, and Water. What do these all have in common? A VIRAL AD.

Together they are a brilliant example of effective and environmental advertising! All these EXCITING ad campaigns being created to go viral on Social Media make Social Drive very happy! Thank you to Cortext for thinking outside of the box, literally outside.

What is the bigger question here? Creating and promoting shareable videos – if we could be honest, a videos success as truly viral is hard to predict. Here are some ways you can try though:

1. Be unique, stand out

2. Do not copy others. Be sure to be original (this is the hard  part!)

3. Brainstorm brainstorm – think outside of the box and bounce ideas off of friends and family

4. Think about your audience, brand, and what would be on a scale large enough to go viral (and don’t like to yourself about it realistically going viral)

5. Do some more research, fine tune your idea, and go for it

6. If you have a great idea — focus and get it out FAST before others think of it


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Show me your “Klout”

How important is your Klout score? This is one of these questions that people tend to struggle to have clear answer for and identify its use for brands.

So what exactly is that mysterious Klout score? According to the founders of Klout, “The Klout Sdownloadcore is a single number that represents the aggregation of multiple pieces of data about your social media activity.” What does it mean? It means that the score will indicate your level of influence based on your ability to drive action on social networks. The score is updated daily and varies from 1 to 100. Justin Beiber or Lady Gaga being probably the closest to reaching the best score. Yes, and this also means that it is based on the individual and not on the company/brand unfortunately.

If you use variety of different networks and if you are active on them and people comment on your wall, you have tons of likes, subscribers, mentions, shares and so on… your Klout score will be measure and calculated as very high. The Klout score incorporates more than 400 signals from different networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger, and Flickr and even Wikipedia.

Unfortunately the Klout algorithm is a big secret for us and it is really difficult to understand what its implication and meaning is outside of the Klout environment. It is so easy to trick the Klout by RT posts
on Twitter, sharing the content on Facebook or even liking tons of pictures on Instagram. Is it relevant? What is the difference between being a real “influencer” and a “Klout influencer”?

What is your opinion on the Klout score? Does it matters to you? Do you even pay attention to it?

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Be Social in your Business

Facebook Management ServicesWe can all easily agree that social media became a very important part of our lives. It’s not only a tool that we are using to connect with our friends and family but a tool for successful business marketing and client base development platform. Now, if your company wants to be visible and start a dialog with customers, you want and should grow a presence within a range of social media.

According to Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2012, the top three benefits of social media marketing are: “Generating more business exposure (reported 85% of marketers). Followed by increasing traffic (69%) and providing marketplace insight (65%).

If you own a business you should use social media to increase your audience and build loyal and dedicated customer base. It is crucial to show what makes you different and better from your competitors. Don’t be afraid to show your own voice, start communicating with peers, customers and potential consumers. Start by personalizing your brand by using Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Blogs, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. These platforms will help you drive and distribute the message and will bring you quick response form customers who are looking at you online and on their mobile devices too! Social media makes you real to consumers.


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One Week Out!


Social Drive likes


This screen shot was taken less than a week since our official launch and we’ve not only reached 3K people, but we have over 100 Facebook Likes already! We don’t have to tell you all already that we are so excited to begin out venture in the New Media world reaching out to businesses in need of adapting their brand to its online extension!


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Harness Twitter!

Twitter: is it more just following the flock or is it to connect more directly with consumers?

Businesses are using Twitter in 2012 for good reason:tweet

  • There are nearly 140 million active Twitter users
  • People send 340 million tweets per day
  • 34 percent of marketers have generated leads through Twitter
  • 20 percent of marketers have closed a deal using Twitter

A twitter following, if carefully developed, gives access to a targeted group of potentials who have opted voluntarily to connect with you. Broadcasting to these users, is a great way to communicate with a highly qualified public.

Twitter, like all of social, is a killer brand building tool. Increase the positive impact it can have on your brand and customer interaction with it while positioning an easier venue to generate leads.

It’s not just those who follow you that you reach either. The benefits of Twitter are not limited to your immediate network if you are effectively marketing. Generate buzz and increase the net you’ve casted by word of mouth marketing when your followers decide to retweet one of your messages.

What the heck is a retweet, you say? They are the way a user takes your message and promotes it to their network. There are two main benefits of retweets:

  1. Whatever you tweeted gets to out more people, mostly outside of your network
  2. It symbolizes a real endorsement. The person who retweeted your message believed it was important enough to voluntarily shout to their network

And, actually, there are three kinds of retweets:

  • Basic retweet. When your tweet is sent from their account unmodified.
  • Quoted. When someone retweets your message, but adds something before the “RT” in your message.
  • Modified tweet. A retweet your message, but it got TOO long (that blasted 140 character limit.) People can retweet your message after cutting words – these messages are instead given a MT.

If you’ve been lucky enough to had developed quality content that people are retweeting and sharing, we say KUDOS! The reason some people are simply retweeting your message is because THEY LIKE IT. They either want to spread the word, incorporate your brand into theirs, and in any case are strengthening your marketing efforts.  Harness the power of Twitter and spread your message quickly through the interwebz.

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About Social Drive!

Social Drive believes in working closely with every client to ensure their business’s needs are met. SD prides themselves not only for being at the pulse of social media, but for being in tune with the changing needs of their clients business, as well. As the link to a clients virtual entity and social presence, SD is responsible for effectively representing the clients brand, a job they take on with professionalism and care.

Visit our New Media Guide page for important information on social media and why your organization needs it.

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Finally, please visit our contact page for information about us and to submit any questions you may have.

Next time you think to put hundreds of dollars everyday into hard to measure outbound marketing campaigns or costly print ads, just remember “now, 40% of traffic comes from social media,” says Scott Havens, senior vice president of finance and digital operations at The Atlantic Media Company (